In the Name of God? Really?

If Roy Moore wins Tuesday’s Senate race in Alabama, I will be shocked. Saddened. Discouraged.

The man is a widely proclaimed child molester. A bigot. A racist. A hypocrite. An outlaw who defies the law of the land when it conflicts with his interpretation of God’s word.

Who is this self-proclaimed champion of that Old Time Religion? Could he really be a messenger from God?

God moves in mysterious ways. He sometimes chooses manifestly imperfect messengers. But Roy Moore?

It seems to me that Moore is likely to be Lucifer’s messenger, not God’s.

The message that Moore carries is profane. White supremacy. Disregard for civil rights. Hatred based on sexual orientation, race and gender. Disrespect for the rights and dignity of women. Preying on innocent children. Defiance of the law.

He stands for all of the above in the name of religion. And his most important support reportedly comes from Evangelical voters.

Yet I can discern no trace of the Old Time Religion that I was taught. No tolerance. No humility. No brotherhood. No love. No compassion. No self restraint. No apparent attempt to curb the selfish demands of the flesh. No effort to achieve and maintain the ascendancy of the spirit.

To proclaim himself a messenger of God seems to me to be the ultimate blasphemy. He is illegitimately assuming the mantle of the Holy Spirit in pursuit of policies – and behavior –  inspired by Satan.

Roy Moore and the Republicans