b-a-t-t-y-r-i-d-e-r spells musical career: akeelah nah spell agen

yes bah bah

yu know seh if yu young, black, can hang a weave, a weigh under 130 yu entitled to a musical career


keke palmer aka akeelah and the bee a come fi fi har own

the latest being you got me featuring kevin mccall

me like keke enuh. she is a trying girl. and she have a inna yu face attitude weh warm me heart

but me nuh know what dem tell keke seh d-a-i-s-y-d-u-k-e-s a go spell platinum caw she come fi gi dem every kinda leg and batty jaw

also her outfit dem early

as in early salt n pepa (see colour colour blouse)

early amerie (see while coat)

early en vogue (see black and white)

and fi some reason her face always a gimme early angela bassett…but she cyaan help dat

keke try fix up di ting by givin us some roun di way girl attitude and lip curling

yu know… fi mek har look like any minute now she a go put een some a di all fruits ripe grape earring dem and go drink some orange soda

but di rest a di video so generic she have a hard time a pull it off

the whole thing is very 90′s which i like…retro lite…but it nuh have no pop. di video fi look 90′s ish…not like it was produced 20 years ago.

is jus she inna a room wid few man and a lawn chair. and me know beyonce dweet, but let is not think it a go fly fi everybody… more choreography needed fi pull dat off. keke need more drag queens to sell this tea honey

anyways…di song nice…have a likkle flair…especially when she drop out some a di instruments and dem summn deh

and her voice nuh too bad

keke need fi tek control a har lip dem and stop ova curl dem caw no good can come a it

and she need fi tell her producers fi gi back di people dem dem style and mek fi har own come through

oh also….fi smaddy weh start out inna one movie about language…har grammar poor…hatin cus they wish they was us?