Baby Diapers – Which One Is Best?

Ok after two kids both of which are now under age 4 I have tried every diaper on the Jamaican market trying to find one that was affordable and came as close to Huggies as possible without the price tag because as we all now no matter how its spun Huggies is the best. So I looked at how they match up to what they claim and also to see if I could cut cost by finding a diaper brand that wasn’t so heavy on the pocket yet still good. My basic way of testing them was to see which one was most absorbent and thus lasted longer thus giving me value for money. So here goes:

1. Huggies is still the best. None can compare. Expensive but worth the expense.

2. Surprisingly I discovered this  a week ago. VIP. Wow this diaper is J$686 for 30 and trust me its very absorbent. I was so so surprised.

3. Tried Pampers and was so disappointed. It’s a little cheaper than Huggies but not worth the price tag at all.

4. Lasco diapers were not bad at all.  For the price its not bad.

All other diapers like Cheekies etc. were ridiculous. These diapers had to me changing diapers like within 2 hours. They are a waste of money. Again this is my opinion.

This week I am trying a brand  named Lullabye I will give you the feedback. In the meantime I am now attempting potty training for baby number 2. Mind you baby 1 one was a big challenge.