Digicel Bacchanal 2009: The Place To Be

For the sixth consecutive year Digicel is once again the headline sponsor for Jamaica’s premier carnival experience. Over the years Digicel has been a big supporter of Jamaica’s entertainment and cultural scene and sees their sponsorship of Bacchanal 2009 as the continuation of their commitment to quality entertainment.

“Digicel has been heavily involved in several forms of sponsorships in Jamaica over the years; from sports to education and entertainment. We are very happy to be headline sponsors for one of Jamaica’s most anticipated calendar events”. – Jacqueline Burrell, Corporate Affairs Manager at Digicel Jamaica

Digicel Bacchanal 2009 has gotten off to a magnificent start with Digicel going all out to present a high class party in a safe atmosphere. Since the start of Digicel Bacchanal 2009 there have been bumper crowds at the New Kingston Mas Camp with the Digicel Moulin Rouge Booth being the Centre of attraction. The Moulin Rouge Concept ties in perfectly with the Digicel Bacchanal 2009 theme: Bacchanal Gone Hollywood”

With numerous attractions at Bacchanal 2009 Digicel continues to up the ante, every week featuring bigger and better prizes for patrons. Last week in true Moulin Rouge style Digicel brought out caricaturists and many patrons had their portraits done. As if this was not enough in the Digicel Moulin Rouge Booth by just saying the Digicel tag line patrons got a chance to win numerous prizes on the Digicel Wheel.

“Digicel will be offering exciting opportunities for patrons to win prizes every Friday night while jumping to a bigger and better beat. But you have to be at Mas Camp to win, so we are inviting supporters of the Digicel Bacchanal 2009 to come out and jump with us”. – Jacqueline Burrell, Corporate Affairs Manager at Digicel Jamaica

These highlights are just the beginning of the plans for Digicel Bacchanal 2009, as this carnival season Digicel will also be bringing some of the top soca artiste in the world to Jamaica. Fans can expect soca favourites such as Allison Hines, Destra Garcia and Machel Montana at the Mas camp.

Coupled with high quality entertainment and a secure environment the scene is set for what is to be one of the best carnival seasons Jamaica has ever seen. With over nine weeks of carnival, patrons can expect bigger and better prizes, spectacular themes and blockbuster performances. Digicel Bacchanal 2009 is the place to be.