Bahamas 1600m relay opportunity

Ten years ago, The Bahamas reigned supreme in the world for the 1600m men’s relay. (The United States was disqualified).

With World Champion Avard Moncur as the mainstay, The Bahamas won the 2001 Edmonton World Championships in 2:58.19, then our fastest time for the event. For the remainder of the last decade, although solidifying its position as the outright second best nation, The Bahamas clearly never seemed capable of beating the United States.

Now though, for the first time in the history of track and field (with no fumbles of the baton and no lane infractions) The Bahamas is poised to beat the great United States one-on-one in the 4x400m men’s relay. Indeed, it would seem that this is the big opportunity for The Bahamas. Read more >>

Source: The Nassau Guardian via