Be careful out there

Well, by the time readers next hear from me, a decision might have well been made. Or on the other hand, there is a probability of indecision and doubt as in 2000 and 2004. One can never tell what happens and if it is close, there’s going to be challenges.

The media have played this very well and I can’t tell who they are deceiving. Even to the end, they are churning out reams of copy as to the outcome, keeping the tension high. Is it really that close? Is Obama going to win in a landslide? Is the race factor going to triumph over common sense? Stay with us folks for the exciting conclusion of ‘white House 2008’… right after these commercials.

Tuesday night’s coverage will be record-breaking and Wednesday’s papers will sell out.

Me, I can’t tell a thing. I know whom I want to win but I don’t want to jinx the dude by declaring him a winner (you should see my record on betting horse-racing. I’m the only guy whose bet can make a one-horse race lose). I didn’t do so well in the last 2 presidential elections but then I had little idea about the American propensity for stupidity. Now I know better, but also know the influence of race… so no predictions for me.

In just hours, doubts will have to be put away and its “sh*t or get off the crapper” time. Change or stay the course. Change or Bush III.

For those who have not voted, make sure you do so. Be patient in whatever state you are. One of the tricks of the last Ohio polls in 2004, was to put as few voting booths as possible in democratic-strong areas making voting time up to 7 hours, while in republican precincts, it was like 5 minutes.

From now and during all the voting day, ploys will be tried to get people not to vote in pro-Obama precincts. Radios will be blasting that he ‘has already won, no need to vote’. Or ‘If you wear that shirt you will be locked up’, ‘I’ll know if you voted for Obama and I will fire you’. Disinformation will be rife.

Don’t be fooled, don’t be lazy, don’t be unsure.

There will be confusion at the polls. With all the lead-time, and fore-knowledge of ground-breaking numbers, I believe that many electoral offices, through sheer incompetence or design, will be overwhelmed. I’m not too secure with Florida, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The world will also be watching keenly. They have a stake in this election… a move towards world peace and a dampening of tensions, or the ramping up of hostilities and brinksmanship.

But in the interim, thousands more have cause to worry about more than the election with the recent laying off of 7,000 from American Express and the massive closing of Circuit City outlets topping the lists of job losses. What the future holds for the unemployed, the underemployed, the unemployable, the new homeless, I don’t know. But I do know there is greater hope for better turn under Obama.

Wall Street is making some consistent gains which is good, but I believe that there is one more shock/shake-out to come before all is settled. The shock will be worse depending on who wins.

Now there is not much left to say. Bredrin and sistren all, be good, and be careful out there. Do your best. Peace out.