Beelzebufo…Biggest Bull Frog…

Image Credit: SUNY-Stony Brook

I can’t believe I am doing this, but I am going to admit that I am afraid of frogs. I hate them with a passion. I remember coming home late one night from a party to be met by a frog at the front door. I was not about be intimidated by him so I threw stones at my parent’ window (no cell phones back then) to get them to scare it away from the front door. Yes I was a big man…lol.

Yesterday I read about the devil frog called Beelzebufo. The name, Beelzebufo ampinga, came from Beelzebub, the Greek for devil, and bufo: the Latin word for toad. It sent chills up my spine even thinking of living in a time with a creature like this around.