The FBI Hatchet Man



I spent a lifetime in the news business and I’ve never heard a law enforcement official slander a “suspect” the way Hillary Clinton is being slandered.

FBI Director James Comey (above) admits he has no grounds for indictment, but he scatters accusations like confetti. You would think if those accusations had any merit, he would have gone ahead and recommended an indictment. But no, he didn’t have the evidence to make his charges stick in a court of law. All he has are broad accusations.

His accusations – of “extreme carelessness” and so on – are based on opinion, not fact.

While he might consider it “reckless” for Hillary to use her laptop or Blackberry or whatever to handle “sensitive” messages during her time as Secretary of State, you or I might not.

We know how vulnerable those supposedly secure government servers an be. We’ve read numerous reports of hackers getting into them. We might argue that Hillary’s personal devices were less likely to attract subversive hackers, not more.

Obviously, Comey doesn’t want to test his opinion in court.

What he apparently wants to do is provide Hillary’s political opponents with quotes they can use against her during her presidential campaign.

I am left wondering what motive this Comey character might have. And you might wonder, too, when you consider his background.

James Comey is not a politically unbiased law enforcement official. He was deputy attorney general in the George W. Bush administration. He was deputy special counsel to the Senate special committee on Whitewater.

He gave public speeches last October criticizing the Obama administration for sympathizing with minority victims gunned down by trigger-happy cops.

The way it looks to me, this is no impartial investigator. This is just another Republican hatchet man.

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