Belief Kills and Belief Cures Says Renigad

Former RDX frontman turned solo star ReniGAD has started 2022 with firm aspirations for his growing solo career. The artiste, who has seen his previously released solo tracks Block Party and Brand perform well on international streaming platforms with Brand in particular hitting the Top 50 on the Apple Music UK charts, believes that once he continues to put in the work and record quality material then international solo success will follow.

Belief Kills And Belief Cures Says Renigad
Quality material like his recently released collaboration with Voicemail singjay Qraig called Believe. With both artistes coming from the same group dynamic and are now both solo acts, collaborating on this Believe single is even more personal to them as they are literally on the same individual journey in the industry.

Qraig is from Voicemail, I am from RDX. Many nuh believe say artistes from groups who go solo can make it in Dancehall. We are here to destroy that narrative. Believe is a song that everybody can sing and relate to cause at some point in everyone’s life there were people who didn’t believe in what they were pursuing,” ReniGAD explained

Working together on the track was also a positive experience for both artistes especially since they are talking about their reality and personal experience.

This concept for Believe was a great idea from Renigad and I definitely had to come on board because I know he is super talented and the song is so relatable. Consistency and hard work, better yet smart work will bring success once you believe,” Qraig chided

The artistes also believe that the underlying message in the track appeals to all ages and stages for fans worldwide and is set to inspire people to overcome obstacles no matter your age or wage.

“Belief kills and belief cures, It nuh cost them nutn fi like a photo yet still them no dweet… ” That line alone will connect with most people. Even a child can sing along to this. “Them neva believe inna we,” Renigad added

With plans in place for a complete a full length project to be released later this year, ReniGAD intends to show his diversity and talent as an artiste, producer and beat-maker. Fans can look out for visuals for Believe later this month.