Better than Facebook & Twitter?

Social media is certainly the rave of 2009.

It offers us a connectedness that brings folks closer than ever before.  One of the marketing genius of Facebook is to plum the power of the word “friend”. Who would deny being a “friend” request especially when a mutual “friend” is leveraged?


So folks boast about the thousand of “friends” that they have and thus our societal consciousness of the contrast of acquittance and friendship is blurred.  High tech is good, but high touch is better.

Those who have been seasoned by the challenges of life know that true friendship goes way beyond sharing sweet nothings, but having each others back in the trenches when the going is tough.



I say all of this to remind us of the principle of “the survival of the knitted” regarding immigrant social networks.

When we are networked, we pool our knowledge and creativity  to develop strategies to advance our common cause.  We will need this attitude more than ever in the post economic 9/11 world.  The ground is still shifting, while we are engineering a future hope in the diaspora community.


So, the meeting of the national Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJASO) in Atlanta , July 16 – 19, 2009 takes on added significance.  This is the 32th. meeting of this organization.   The overarching theme is :

“Facing the challenges: Uncovering the Opportunities”


This organization has been recognized as the most influential Jamaican  umbrella association as they are powered by dedicated, patriotic persons willing to give back in a sacrificial manner.


Jamaica’s  economic development will hold center sway.  The accompanying issues of education, health-care, and security will be discussed.   His excellency Anthony Johnson, Ambassador to the US will get the occasion started.  Her most honorable Portia Simpson-Miller is slated to speak at the opening luncheon, and his most honorable Bruce Golding is slated to deliver the keynote address.



We are planning a reflective interview with the organizers to get the inside scoop of this event in the coming weeks.  Check out this organization again.

Their website is NAJASO

  Pray for the safe journey of all the participants, and divine wisdom as they seek to achieve a synergistic possibility.