Trump’s Bad Buddies



I am amused by the Democrats’ outrage over a remark Donald Trump made prior to the housing crisis  some years ago. They found a video of him saying he “hoped” the real estate bubble would burst so he could swoop in and buy up foreclosed homes at bargain prices.

Oh the horror! Would you believe Trump is a heartless vulture waiting to profit from the ill fortune of his fellowmen?

Don’t make me laugh!

What I find hard to believe is that Democrats can’t find anything worse to say about the Republican presidential candidate.

It’s like accusing Al Capone of evading taxes.

If they want to dig up really damning stuff, Trump’s opponents don’t have to look very far.

I found out about Trump’s links to the Mob just by searching the internet. And looking a little farther, I’ve found really scary information on the thugs who surround him.

For example, a top Trump adviser is lobbyist Paul Manafort, who represens arms dealers, warlords, dictators and other evil global villains.

Then there’s Roger Stone, the political bottom feeder who either quit or was fired – depending on whom you believe – as Trump’s senior advisor. A New Yorker story about Stone was headlined “The Dirty Trickster.” That should give you an idea of the kind of guys Trump pals around with.

And how about Stone’s pal Sam Nunberg, whose Facebook page was littered with racist postings? Or Trump’s press representative in Alaska, a former state lawmaker named Tom Anderson, who served time for bribery, extortion, money laundering and conspiracy?

 And these baddies don’t hold a candle to the characters Trump has picked to raise funds for his campaign. (Yes, I know he said he was “self funding” but that was then and this is now.)

Last night, Rachel Maddow took a look at the fundraising crew Trump has assembled, and she turned up a grimly depressing bunch.

They include Trump’s fundraising chairman Elliott Broidy, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to bribing New York officials responsible for investing state employees’ pension funds.

And Steven Mnuchin, the notoriously heartless hedge fund manager who bought a failed bank after the housing bubble burst and viciously dispossessed dozens of homeowners – especially non-white families and senior citizens.

And Jesse Benton, the former Ron Paul campaign chairman who was convicted of fraud. He runs the Trump Super PAC, which has been branded a scam by insiders…. And the list goes on…

My mother told me you can know a man by the company he keeps. And Donald Trump keeps some really bad company.

Don’t you shudder at the prospect of someone like that becoming leader of the free world?

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