Bill Maher Tells it Like it is


I am not a big fan of Bill Maher, the HBO satirist. He is a little too smug for me. But he gave Americans something to think about as the nation celebrates its birthday.

His Friday night critique was funny, I suppose. The HBO audience could be heard laughing . But his  comments were too true for me to laugh. Indeed, he left me close to tears.

The show focused on the feud between the “Morning Joe” TV hosts and America’s president. As you might expect, he fired a barrage of barbs at the disgusting tweets Trump has been posting.

In response to the president’s demeaning attack on Mika Brzezinski (with “Morning Joe” Scarborough at right), Maher pointed out- in savage detail – that Trump is in no position to criticize anyone else’s appearance.

I would’ve laughed but I’m too embarrassed. It’s sickening to be represented before the world by a president who looks and acts like Trump.

Maher further noted Trump’s thuggish behavior – including the president’s threat to smear “Morning Joe” Scarborough in his “National Enquirer” mouthpiece.

Maher also got off zingers at the Republicans who are letting Trump run rampant while they enact their deadly agenda in Congress.

And he warned that the health care bill smoldering in the Senate could still rise from the near-dead to “kill millions of innocent Americans.”

That’s funny?

I don’t know about you, but I am not laughing. I am too terrified at the harm these Republicans are doing, and even more terrified of what’s to come.

As we stand shamed before the world by our thug of a president, as we watch our nation being run on the rocks by goons and boobs, as we cover our eyes to shut out the unseemly torrent of grotesque presidential tweets, how can we sing the Star Spangled Banner on America’s birthday?

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