Black River Hospital Institutes Programme to Mentor Child From Birth

The Black River Hospital in St. Elizabeth has launched the New B.I.R.T.H.  (Beginning In Restoring Trust and Hope) Mentorship Programme, designed  to mentor and touch the life of a child born on one’s birthday.

Black River Hospital Institutes Programme to Mentor Child From Birth1
Participating in the launch of the mentorship programme and the handover of equipment are: (left to right)-CEO for the BRH, Diana Brown
Miller; SRHA Regional Director, Michael Bent; Director of Nursing Services at the BRH, Maria Stampp; SRHA Regional Medical Technologist, Donovan Leon and Chief Medical Technologist at the BRH, Cassandra Monteith.

Inservice Education Nurse at the BRH, Dorcia Brown-Lyle who  conceptualized the programme, explained that the initiative will allow  persons to give back to a child born on their birthday in simple ways. 

“This might sound simple but it involves touching another life. You may  give a simple gift like gift baskets, gift certificates, books to encourage  literacy or if you are pressed to do an education fund for a child, you may  also do that as you are not limited in what you do. The initiative involves  touching the life of another person who was born on your special day”  Nurse Brown-Lyle said.

Black River Hospital Institutes Programme to Mentor Child From Birth2
The BRH is beneficiary of a centrifuge, courtesy of its Inservice Education Department, and the pilot of the New BIRTH Mentorship Programme. Photographed here are: (left to right): SRHA Regional Director, Michael
Bent; CEO for the BRH, Diana Brown-Miller; SRHA Regional Medical Technologist, Donovan Leon and conceptualizer of the mentorship programme, BRH Inservice Education Nurse, Dorcia Brown-Lyle.

She added that the programme will begin among employees at the BRH,  who have been encouraged to provide support for teenage mothers;  encourage exclusive breastfeeding for infants for the first six months of life and also encourage parents to visit health centres or private practitioners for follow-up care for infants. 

Persons who are interested in participating in the programme can  dialogue with the nurse managers at public hospitals in Clarendon,  Manchester and St. Elizabeth and decide the role they would like to play  in the child’s life.  

For SRHA Regional Director, Michael Bent, the programme is a welcomed  one, given what is happening in today’s society.

“This will be a wonderful programme because we are in a society where  there is so much despair and lack of trust, not just in adults, but in family members. Children are losing trust of their parents; parents losing hope in  their children, its everywhere and we are seeing it manifested so often in  the antisocial behaviours around the country. I want to commend you  Nurse Brown-Lyle for a wonderful initiative and what a better place to start  than at birth. Before they get any exposure anywhere that young child  has the support; that mother who may not have any support from other  family members and that father who may be hopeless and confused will  have the support of the hospital. Someone will be there to say I am  restoring hope in this child because we are here to mentor him or her  throughout their life” Mr. Bent said. 

Mr. Bent added that he hopes the programme will be spread throughout  the country to become transformative in the lives of many families.  

Meanwhile, the Inservice Education Department used the opportunity to  hand over items to the hospital, purchased from their fundraising  activities. The department purchased a centrifuge for the hospital’s  laboratory, valued at more than J $400, 000.00. The department has  donated more than one million in equipment and supplies to the hospital.