Bolt hits the express train in Oslo

The World’s fastest man has arrived at the place of his next heroic action, and he did it – coming from London – by plane, obviously, and by train. Train? Yes: Flytoget, the company which runs the Express Train from Oslo airport Gardemoen to Oslo downtown, is one of the Bislett Games sponsors. There is even more. The train needs 19 minutes to cover 45 kilometres, Bolt can do 200 meters in 19 seconds and a little bit more.

The way from the airport exit to the train station is less than 200 meters, but Jamaica’s superstar needed almost 19 minutes for this distance. His fingers showed the sign of victory when he smiled into the cameras of NRK and TV2 and in half a dozen of photographers’ camera lenses for the first time. Journalists from the most prominent national papers were present, when the undisputed king of 100m and 200m set foot in Norway. “I’m here for the first time”, he said, “I don’t know a lot about this country.” Read more>>

Source: Diamond League News