Bolt & Phelps in Conversation – me dreaming?


Bolt’s mom: Usain, You have to take the call.  This is his 8th. call for you today!

Bolt: Okay, I guess I must.

Taking the phone

Bolt: Hey dolphin, great hearing from you!

Phelps:  Hey Lightning!  Been trying to reach you mon.  You heard of the trouble I got into?

Bolt:  Yes man.  What were you thinking?

Phelps: I got some of that stuff from your country?

Bolt: Not from my country.  I offered you my secret sauce, but you remember what you did.  You laugh at me. So who is laughing now?


Phelps: You right! But how about those Rastas?

Bolt:  Look, there is no reformed movement among the rastas.  So do not believe the rumors of the country making you an honorary citizen.


Real Secret Sauce

Bolt: Truth me known, I would check out some jamaicaneats to get ready for 2012. You will not find any “special” oregano recipes there if you know what I mean. 

Bolt: Do you remember when the IOC lost his cool with me sharing a little personality?


Phelps: Yes, so sorry I did not support you then.

Bolt: That’s okay.  No hard feelings.  Hope you will pull through this rough patch.

I have been busy doing some good things.

Your ex president Bill Clinton wants to meet with me to see how we can support his foundation activities.

I have accepted a piece of beach front property to get a place to chill in the off season.

I have been trying to motivate some of our youth as I participate in an auction for my sneakers.


Land signing        Sneaker Auction

Phelps:  This is great of you.  Thanks for the fine example.  I am from Baltimore and my city can use my positive modeling.

Bolt: No problem man.  Let’s use our celebrity to inspire in a positive manner.


Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.

by Elmer Letterman


What advise would you share with Bolt to help him maintain his positive image?