Bolt wins World athlete of the Year – so why am I kissing me teet?

insidepix1.jpgThe email from my friend Marva regarding the IAAF awards in which Usain Bolt was named male world athlete of the year was the tipping point.The story triumphed that Bolt will be getting US$100K.  There he was posing proudly with Prince Albert II of Monaco in Monte-Carlo of all places.

So what’s your problem Chris you may say? Well, you may call it greed,   yes I admit it, I am an unrepentant capitalist, and to the likes of my type, this is a nice pat on the back and lunch money(i.e. You can buy a few patties with this type of change for you folks from Kitson Town).

Let me provide you with a little more background. This past Sunday, I found myself early early in the morning at the grocery store.  The kids will be home for Thanksgiving, and they will be eating as if food was going out of style. As I looked for their favorite cereal, I was poked in the eye yet again.  There he was with a big smile hugging Tony the Tiger of the cereal box. Yes Phelps’s post Olympic real gold assault continues. Earlier in the week I had read with jealousy how Subway has nabbed Phelps from McDonalds in an effort to steal market share. Phelps can pick, use and refuse endorsements.

The only time I get to watch television is during the football game.  There again is the generic sprinter promoting AT&T’s 3G service. I also now am taking notice of the sprinter’s time. It is 13.04.  AT&T let’s make it 9.69!

The trifecta of my troubles came when the movie earmarked to be the Disney movie of the holiday season came roaring out!  You guessed right – Bolt! John Travolta is the voice of this super star dog.   Release date was November 21, and it has grossed US$27M to date. To add some sea salt to my wounded spirit, when you Google the word bolt, guess who gets the top hits – clue, it’s been a long time since August.

Tell me now, is my hopes too high or should his handlers  be more assertive in the endorsement marketplace ?  Am I just in the dark as to what endorsements is happening for Bolt?

All the headlines I see are filled with promises of Usain cashing in, but I am not seeing the announcements like the ones for Phelps.

What advise would you share with his handlers to ensure that our Bolt gets all he deserves?