Article of Interest: Bolt’s DQ At Worlds Illustrates Stupidity Of New False-start Rule

Below is a snippet from an article written by Tim Layden, of Sports Illustrated.

Here was the moment, the only moment that truly matters beyond the four walls of a flagging sport. It was 8:41 Sunday night in a stadium set among green hillsides outside this industrial city. The seats were no more than two-thirds filled, but the halfhearted turnout of apathetic locals whose leaders simply bought a world championship event, is more than balanced by millions watching (or readying to watch later) on televisions and computer screens around the world.

This was the final of the 100 meters at the 13th world championships of track and field, and that is Usain Bolt’s time. The announcer spoke Bolt’s name and the big man stepped forward like Bono or Gaga seizing the microphone. Bolt playfully fixed his hair and goatee, using the massive stadium screen like a bathroom mirror; and then pointed first to the opponent on his left (Walter Dix of the U.S.) and then on his right (Yohan Blake, Bolt’s Jamaican teammate), each time shaking his head. Then he used both hands like he was chopping carrots with a cleaver, fingers outstretched to show his own lane, as to say, it’s just me and the clock. – Read the rest of the article by Tim Layden, on the Sports Illustrated website.