Bostonians: Escape The Winter Chill And Head To Jamaica For A Winter Rescue

Jamaica Tourist Board’s New England Sales Manager John Woolcock braves the plummeting temperatures to hail one of Boston’s new hybrid taxis in front of the city’s iconic South Station. Throughout the month of January, Jamaica advertisements will be featured on Boston taxicabs as part of the destination’s Winter Rescue campaign encouraging travelers to escape the blustery climate and head to the warm isle of Jamaica, just four hours away. Bostonians who spot a Jamaican cab can visit 107.9 KISS-FM’s website to provide details about the time and location the cab was spotted and enter to win a trip to Jamaica, courtesy of JetBlue Airways and Riu Hotels & Resorts. JetBlue recently launched new nonstop service from Boston to Montego Bay on January 9, offering Bostonians greater accessibility and convenience when traveling to Jamaica.