Bounty Swings the Hammer as Buju Awaits the Gavel

The Hammer vs The GavelOk when did Bounty Killer become a carpenter?? We know things are kinda slow, but never thought he would be looking for a second job. Or is he trying out for CIA interrogator?

Rodney Pryce a.k.a. Bounty Killer, was accused of taking a HAMMER to his new girlfriend’s knees, and also zapping her wrists with an electrical mosquito repellent. Now was this a torture-filled interrogation, or his version of foreplay? Bounty claims “he are only playing”.

On the issue of interrogation, the Buju Banton trial began this week, and he had to deal with some interrogation on the stand. Buju’s claim: “I was just talking crap!”. Strangely, the prosecution’s case is now seeming like crap. The jury will decide.

Also in the tool shed that is Jamaica, PNP MP Derrick Kellier was DRILLING the Constituency Development Fund over the shroud of secrecy covering the distribution of monies for constituency projects, and the Auditor General NAILED home her point on the Road Management Fund’s fiscal woes. All this was happening while the PNP’s Ian Hayles was SHOVELLING it in the Appeals Court, trying to maintain his seat although being accused of having dual citizenship, and the Tivoli residents were RAKING in compensation for damages incurred during the Tivoli invasion.

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