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JAMPRO to launch Brand Jamaica

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January 25 – The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), will in another week, launch its Brand Jamaica Programme locally and internationally

The Brand Jamaica initiative is an effort to reposition Jamaica as a premier trade and investment destination, in addition to its positive attributes as a foremost tourism destination. There is an extremely high level of international recognition and association with “things Jamaican”, supported by Jamaica ’s outstanding track record on the world stage in fields such as sport, music, film and food. This superlative performance is underpinned by one key quality which we refer to as our brand essence – The Bold Energy of our People – Jamaica possesses strength and entrepreneurial spirit, an untapped energy and vibrancy that businesses can harness to be utilised as a competitive edge on the world stage.

It is important to emphasize that the project is not about foregoing the country’s advantages as a tourism location in favour of the business attributes but about emphasizing that there are two sides to Jamaica . One side represents Jamaica ’s contemporary, sophisticated and business savvy attributes, the other captures the creativity, passion and bold energy of the people. Both sides are essential and create a balance of the iconic boldness of Jamaican culture with the energy and growth of our strengthening economy.

The Brand Jamaica campaign is essentially a reflection of the symbiotic experience of business and pleasure that exists in Jamaica . With the campaign set to be launched February 7, just days before the start of the region hosting the ICC CWC 2007; the local roll out is to ensure that the values of the Brand Jamaica campaign are conveyed to the Jamaican public. The call to action will be a rallying cry to all Jamaicans to assume the values of the campaign.

Our proposition to our customer (the world) is:

On the world stage, Jamaica ’s central location, stability, ease of business and potential, make the place you always wanted to visit, the place you always wanted to do business.

Our positioning statement is:

As a stable developing nation competing for investment and trade (export),

Jamaica’s business acumen, rich cultural creativity and energy, combined with its geographic location and resources, make it one of the world’s best investment and trade opportunities.


  • Generally repositioning Jamaica as a preferred trade and investment location
  • Overall sensitization in target markets of the business advantages of Jamaica
  • Positioning Jamaica in the forefront of the minds of the potential trade partners and investors as a lucrative trade and/or investment option
  • Marketing Caribbean Business Club in key global markets as with a view to increasing trade with and investment in Jamaica .

Some of the attributes of Brand Jamaica are:

  1. Creativity
  2. Supportiveness
  3. Excellence
  4. Integrity
  5. Reliability
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