Bush Doctrine

Georgia shells rebel South Ossetia, Russia attacks Georgia. As Bob Marley sung, “We don’t need no more trouble”. But we’re gonna get it.

I notice how the western press is playing up the Russian attack without properly putting the incident in perspective. According to the original reports, Georgia started the hostilities, probably thinking that Russia was distracted enough by the Olympics, not to react immediately. Big mistake.

But who did what first is now unimportant. What is important is that this is the legacy of the Bush Doctrine. Both Georgia and Russia might as well march with the bumper sticker (on tanks), “Bush Doctrine… unilateralism and pre-emptive attacks run tings”.

Those Americans who formulated these policies were thinking that they were only designing procedures to suit their evil agenda, not realizing that they were creating a military free-for-all.

Now it is painfully laughable (news: “US, allies weigh punishment for Russia”) to see Bush, McCain and other western stooges, not only try to stuff the genie back in the bottle, but try to gain moral authority. But once this western alliance is fronted by a Bush-led USA, there can be no grounds for such.

My guess is unless George Bush and his cronies are tried for war crimes, the United States has no moral authority on anything, anywhere, at any level… and the Bush Doctrine will be repeated ad nauseum, especially by countries like Georgia and Russia.

When many were warning Bush about the growing autocracy of Vladimir Putin’s government, Bush shrugged them off, claiming the former Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (KGB) officer as his friend. But then, who was he to criticize a fellow human rights abuser?

Putin was at one time trying to move closer to western countries, but their prejudices against Russians caused them to spurn his advances. Later, Bush reneged on a promise to make military bases in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, temporary. Now once again, the United States is out-maneuvered.

The Russian response gives John McCain a comfort zone to work from, and forces Obama to react likewise. America will like McCain’s shrill demands of, and threats to Russia. It’s good theatre.

But this might very well backfire on him (and Obama if he follows suit) because if America is impotent to do anything to Iran which has yet to own a nuclear weapon, what can they do against a country which has enough to blow the world up many times over?

In sports, Americans don’t like trash-talkers who can’t back up their trash.