Cake Soap to Bleach Skin

Bleaching the skin or much better words- lightening the skin- is a growing trend. Long before Vybz Kartel admitting to using Cake soap to lighten his skin were the Chinese. Its actually documented that the Asians were the first to lighten the skin. Do you think they wanted to be white? In that time in History, Yes, at least they wanted their skin to be white. It were considered that the more whiter you were the more beautiful you looked.   Hundreds of years later on Gods Earth some Africans decided to take heed. They themselves wanted to look white. I wonder if they thought whiter skin made them look more beautiful. The Jamaicans are actually late to catch on. Now some Jamaicans are bleaching! Di Africans, now di Jamaicans-lawd a massy! I actually think that it is cool but scary.  I probably would give it a try if whitening the skin didn’t come with carcinogenic issues. In the name of beauty how many ‘ish do we have to go thru.  I’m sure every other Black Persons have had  relaxers put in their hair –  thats cancer seeping into the skin. Do you think Blacks also wanted to be white back then? In the name of straight hair-Yes, and please don’t deny it. Now we relax the hair base on beauty and convenience.  I am saying this to say that we should not criticize each others wrong. You bleach your skin, I perm my hair.  We are our brothers keeper. We all have sinned. And if you are a over religious Christian, we all have sinned in the name of Jesus.  I think we have sinned in the name of beauty.

ps. This beauty bar below will  do the same thing as di cake soap Vybz Kartel use to clear blemishes and dark spots on di body.