Calabar Alumni Association’s All Alumni Soccer Tournament, Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two All Alumni Events in one Weekend!  Be witnesses to the battle of a number of schools vying for the Herb McKenley Cup. Some of last year’s contenders were: KC, Calabar, STGC, Wolmers, Campion, XLCR, Meadowbrook, Cornwall College, Manchester High, JC, Munro, etc.  Visit Addy’s sponsor tent (Go Addy Go Promotions, Inc.) on behalf of Novelty Trading Ltd., Jamaica, (Novtraco USA, Inc.) and Cool Readings and Tings!  Your one-stop purchase for an array of Caribbean/Jamaican books for all ages.  Book signing: Georgia Marie Hall-Fray (Mount Alvernia High Past Student), Author of “My Inkwell of Prayers & Poetry”. First Place Winner of the Winter Christian Choice Book Awards in its category!  Part proceeds will benefit Calabar Alumni Association, Florida. “Walk Foot, Watch Ball Kick, What a life!”