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Campaign Leaders pushed Congo, Africa, We Must Value Black Life

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“Do we value Black life enough to do something to stop the genocide against our people in the Congo?” asked Mr. Maurice Carney to his audiences starting on Human Rights Day this past December 10, 2013 and on each campaign stop from Washington, D.C. to Alabama. “This is an African holocaust with about 6 million killed since 1996 and over 16 million since the 19th century, and it continues today” declared Mr. Carney as he painstakingly explained the history and impact of colonialism, imperialism, exploitation and human rights abuses in the Congo. He stressed that not only the Congo is richest real estate in the world but that “the heart of Africa is the Congo and it affects every Black person in th e world.”
“The Congo crisis is everywhere in Black life…” responded Pan Africanist and former Civil Rights leader Baba Mukasa Dada, he continues “because we have not established a united states of Africa and the time is now to fight to protect African people by all means necessary.” The WADU Pan African World Report forum was held in Georgia on December 15, 2013 with other key leaders such as former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Minister Akbar Muhammad, and Mr. Joe Beasley. The program was organized in conjunction the Friends of the Congo and other organizations to promote critical issues facing African people, especially those in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
The key objectives of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) 2013 African World Report campaign were to: 1. Report to our communities the ongoing work to halt the terrible effects of the continued scramble for resources and the human rights abuses in the Congo (DR) and across Africa; 2. Expand Pan African collaboration on critical issues with diverse local and global organizations to support issues pertaining to Black people across the world; and 3. Ensure that the Pan African work of the African Union and WADU is vigorously assessed and asserted in 2014 for a powerful Diaspora region to expedite the building of a Pan Africa government.
During the 2013 African World Report, former Congresswoman Yaa McKinney stated that African people should seriously engaged in promoting the egalitarian models established in Central and South America, especially under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez. She asserted that we should be concerned about the oppressed of South Africa, emphasizing that “Africans cannot afford to win on the battlefield and lose during the crucial moment at the negotiating table.” Minister Akbar Muhammad stressed some key historic U.S. government involvement in Africa, especially the U.S. long support for the white supremacist government of South Africa, its capturing, imprisonment and assassination of leaders across the African world. He also highlighted the blatant covert and overt attacks against Africa under NATO and Africom with the collusion of the U.S. and Europe, to disrup t Africa’s advancement.
Reports were also presented by speakers representing various parts of the African world, including Kwame Lynden, Sobukwe Shukura, David Josue, Brother Tedonzong, Kofi Adjei, Brother Thutmose, and Dr. B. Chitunya. Similar actions will continue from January through African Liberation Month in May 2014 as part of African Liberation 50 Year and the Hon. Marcus Garvey UNIA/ACL centennial year to establish a Diaspora Pan African government commission in the Diaspora. Since the major escalation of foreign attacks on Africa, resulting in a weakened AU, Pan Africanists are urged to work with key AU leaders to establish an immediate 5 year emergency plan for a Pan African government in 2014.
Actions were urged to be taken to stop the increased disenfranchisement and impoverishment of Black people in the United States and beyond. At the Concerned Black Clergy (CBC) of Atlanta meeting, Minister Menelik proposed that a Dr. T’Ofori-Atta Declaration of Conscience on the Congo be pushed to support the Congo Campaign. Dr. Atta lived in the Congo and is a founder of both CBC and WADU. Further, during the meeting at Congressman John Lewis’ office, the campaign organizers requested resolutions and fact-finding missions to the Congo (DR), Saudi Arabia and Dominican Republic. David Josue particularly noted some emerging concerns of global significance affecting Guine-Bissau and urged the office to initiate assistance to that nation to forestall major destabilization of the region.
As a result of the WADU 2013 African World Report campaign forums the following were accomplished: 1. Increased support for the people of the Congo (DR) across the USA, including mobilizing a diverse section of African people representing the faith communities, activists organizations universities, and in the government; 2. Key members of the African global communities were provided invaluable information, tools and a roadmap into 2014 to expand the work on critical issues facing African people; and 3. WADU provided direct updates on the Pan African Movement agenda, especially issues facing Africa, the AU and the building of the Diaspora region. The campaign was mainly led and organized by Minister P.D. Menelik Harris and Mr. Maurice Carney and culminating in the Georgia forum after speaking in key U.S. cities across t he Black South. Some other key campaign organizers were Mr. Kofi Adjei, Brother Clarence Muhammad, Priest Obafemi, Sister Fayida and Sister josh.
Dr. Chitunya of Zimbabwe lamented the death of former President Nelson Mandela and concerns of the people of southern Africa. She urged self-reliance and ending of U.S. economic boycott of Zimbabwe. Family, it should be clear that the attacks against Africans for our resources will continue until Africans decide to build a Pan African government. Thus, WADU is urging all Africans to value African life by continuing Harare (vigilant) actions through Christmas, Kwanzaa and into the New Year 2014. We must redouble our efforts in 2014 for the economic, cultural and political union of Africans.

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