Kuyacards Authentic Caribbean Greeting Cards

A new greeting card company that is focused on the Caribbean life style. KuyaCards is a family owned business that offers Caribbean greeting cards written in Patois with English translations, for all occasions. The artistic representations on KuyaCards are authentically Caribbean. KuyaCards originated from a very personal need. In 1994 my father, David Arthur Forbes (Daddy) was diagnosed with Guillain Barrè (Ghee-yan Bah-ray) Syndrome and was hospitalized. In our efforts to bring him some cheer during his hospital stay, we went in search of a humorous get-well card.

It didn’t take long before we realized that none of the Caribbean theme cards available for purchase would make my Daddy laugh. The card that would make him laugh would have to reach out to his Caribbean heritage. It had to be representative of Caribbean culture and recorded in Patois (the home language of most Caribbean people). With that as the driving force, we created the first KuyaCard titled “ Yu si how Guillain Barrè Syndrome a gi duppy bad nayme” Daddy gave a huge belly laugh when I read the card to him. We knew then that there was a place for KuyaCards.

We share KuyaCards with you as a gift from my Daddy who is watching and laughing from his special place in God’s universe. KuyaCards seeks to be the greeting card partner of choice for Caribbean people and friends of Caribbean culture worldwide. We are dedicated to embracing the eccentricities of Caribbean peoples and connecting emotionally through art and verse. The cards can be viewed and ordered online for $2.95 + shipping at http://www.kuyacards.com, they will also be available in stores soon.