Caribbean Creativity Announces ‘Kool Runnings’ Line Up – Caribbean Short Film Showcase At Rode Loper Festival, September 26, 2009, Amsterdam

The Caribbean Creativity Foundation is pleased to announce the line up for its first Caribbean short film program ‘Kool Runnings’. The movie showcase will take place on Saturday 26th of September at the Oosterpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a key event within the Rode Loper Festival ( From 2-3.30PM and from 7.30-9PM a wide range of Caribbean productions will be screened in the festival tent next to the central dome, from short documentaries and trailers to animation films and music videos. Admission is free and open to public.

The complete Caribbean ‘Kool Runnings’ Short Film Program line up is:

– Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? (short documentary, 2009, Miquel Galofré // Nando Garcia-Guereta)
– ‘Lethal Weapon’ (music video, 2009, Sweet C // Nice Time Productions)
– Fisha 2012 (trailer, 2009, Nice Time Productions)
– Hit Me With Music (trailer, 2009, Nice Time Productions)
– ‘Soul Food’ (music video, 2008, Gentleman // Ras Kassa // Damali Little-White)
– One Cup of Coffee (short documentary, 2009, Rohan Marley // Sarah Adina Smith)
– ‘Sugar Boy’ (music video, 2007, Patrice Roberts // Lisa Wickham)
– Small Ting Mentality (animation, 2008, Seon Thompson)
– The Vegetarian Super Machine (animation, 2007, Camille Selvon-Abrahams)
– ‘Bacchanal’ (music video, 2009, Destra // Lisa Wickham)
– Brooklin Racine (short documentary, 2009, Jeremy Robins // Magali Damas)
– Where Do White People Go When the Long Weekend Comes? The Wondrous Journey of Delroy Kincaid (fiction/animation, 2008, Powys Dewhurst // Andy Marshall)
– ‘Reach’ (music video, 2007, Rizon // Lisa Wickham)
– Louder Than Words (trailer, 2009, Norman Stolzoff)

The Kool Runnings program highlights and celebrates the achievements of Caribbean filmmakers, both in the Caribbean region and the diaspora, and the short film showcase will include productions from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, the United States and France. ‘This event is a great opportunity to enjoy the unique diversity of Caribbean film culture. Our cinematic showcase is like a taste plate – the visitors of the Rode Loper Festival will be able to experience all kinds of different genres, stories, and styles from the Caribbean region’, Caribbean Creativity Chairman Emiel Martens said.