Caribbean Art, Sounds And Rhythms Make History At The Riverfront, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, September 28, 2012

For the first time in history, theRiverfront comes alive with the inaugural event of Caribe Arts Fest. Scheduled to be a 2 ½ day celebration of Caribbean art, the vibrant energyof the islands will be on display through various arts, food, rhythms andcultures between September 28th and the 30th, 2012. Artists will beshowcasing fine art, sculptures, jewelry, independent films, fashion, music, kidsart zone, authentic cuisines and excellent local talent. Admission is free witha suggested online donation of $10.
“CaribeArts Fest aims to be a special affair showcasing some of the hidden treasuresof the Caribbean,” said David Muir, CEO for American Arts Initiative, “thediverse community of South Florida will surely be able to appreciate thiscelebration through the arts.” Not an easy venture to orchestrate, thedevelopment of the project has taken a few bumps and bruises in its growth.Issues surrounding sponsorship and funding has been a defining factor. “Like somany projects, funding can either make or break the concept,” said MichelleMcKoy, co founder and event organizer, “we however, have a clear vision andhave made the necessary adjustments to make it a stimulating weekend”.
The stage will be set for Caribbean islanders and countries thatencroach on its surrounding waters to gather in festivities bringing muchneeded traffic to the Riverfront. The amalgamation of all art forms under oneroof is an usual concept but one that will have something for everyone. Forlocal businesses, the festival is a welcomed attraction bringing a needed boostto their weekend sales. The evening of Friday, September 28 will be the eventlaunch and VIP cocktail starting at 6pm. Remaining days will be a family affairwith elements of art, entertainment and indie film screenings throughout. Schedulesfor daily activities are available on the website.
Details of Events

Artists ofCaribbean backgrounds and influence will display their works in a spectaculararray. From traditional fine art to the contemporary, there will be a wideselection on display and sale. Juried exhibitors, including Elizabeth Erazo Baez, DavidMuir, Max Lazega, Paul Campbell and Louis Davis, willshowcase their hidden treasures. Local artists will have open tents withoriginal paintings, jewelry, wearable art and sculptures throughout theRiverfront.

On the opening night there will be theofficial book signing of new academia book “Rastafariin the New Millennium”.Published by Syracuse University, the book is a focus on the evolution of Rastafarianism since itsinception in 1932 to the present year. Rastafarianism has been a very integralpart of the Jamaican history and culture and this is what is celebrated in thebook. Author, Dr. MichaelBarnet, is a professor of Sociology at the University of the West Indies.
Another bookfeatured at Caribe Arts Fest is “Piecesof Jamaica” the Real Rock Edition, a pictorial coffee book self publishedby local photographer, David Muir.
Indie Films

For the indie film buff, Caribe Arts Fest haspartnered with Frank Cinemas to screen independent films made by Caribbean filmmakers.Features will include “Taboo Yardie”,a documentary by Selena Blake that looks at the issues surrounding homophobiain Jamaica; “Brianna”, shot by RonnyCush; “Disturbed” shot by NeldaAugustine and “The Heart of Summer”,a faith based film directed by local filmmaker, Adrian Allen starring Jamaicanactor, Paul Campbell, best known for his role in “The Lunatic”, “Dance HallQueen” and “Shottas” to name a few.

The eclecticsounds of reggae, jazz and fusion will fill the air with performances by one ofSouth Florida’s finest rising reggae bands, Jahfe. In efforts to showcase the outstanding talent within thecommunity other performers include reggae fusion by German reggae artist, Mamadee, NBA sensations, Sons of Mystro, Jay Will and the Wraps and Kush band, Alana DaCosta, Soulflower, Omilani and much more.

Be wowed bythe latest in Caribbean fashion by local designers, models and makeup artists.Coordinated by Ray Balgrove and Maurice Tucker, the brainchild behind Driven Models and John Alessi PR, respectively, the fashion show willundoubtedly take you on an intrinsic journey of wearable art, edgy trends andmore.
KidsArt Zone

Aninteractive Kids Art Zone will surely enthuse the minds, hearts and creativeability of your young ones. Supervised by the Moving Lives of Kids (MLK) Mural Project, the zone will be facilitatedby artists who will introduce and guide the children as they create themed murals. There will alsobe face paintings, balloon makings and more.