Caribbean Community’s Bold Vision -> A Stout Symbol in Challenging Times

What happens when a group of Caribbean folks take root in a community and develop a vision for how they can make a difference in that community?
Great things!

Pastor Brenda Billingy leads the ribbon cutting moment

On Sunday, September 12, the members of the Metro Seventh-day Adventist church had the grand opening of their activity center. This center is the latest component of a difference making campus consisting of a church, a K-8 school, and a senior citizen home.
The Youth were in fine form leading the parade

These folks made an anchoring investment with a price tag that runs north of $7M is a bold statement of commitment . This center comprises:
A full-sized gymnasium to promote wellness
A community center that provides food & clothing to the community
A banquet hall to provide a space for celebrations
Offices to provide affordable health-care to the surrounding community,
Classroom space to provide educational services such as GED, ESL, and financial counseling.

These senior citizens dedicated their talents to raise monies for the cause

An ambitious project of this scope requires lots of vision, perseverance, detours, and strong leadership. This community clearly is blessed with these attributes and this accomplishment did not go unnoticed by public officials. Jack Johnson, County Executive for Prince George’s County was overwhelming with praise of this faith community’s effort in enhancing the lives of residents of their county.

Although the weather was overcast and damp, this did not dampening the enthusiasm of this Caribbean community.

and folks shared their talents in other ways

Sounds of culture filled the gymnasium

and smiles spoke volume of pride in this achievement

This is a new generation of support the kids - Bro. Fender

and salt of the earth wisdom

Sisters Harrison & McDermott - envision weddings & other celebrations filling this space

And homefield advantage

Roneige - Doing his part for the cause and dreaming of dunking on his homecourt

And the beginning of providing tremendous value to the community

This is just the beginning of great things! - Juliet

Our communities are coming apart at the seams in many dimensions. We are pressed on every side and the tasks of social progress looks haunting. But.. but when a vision is born in a heart, and a leadership team catches the vision, and a faith community embraces the possibility, difference making takes place.
Share other communities that are doing difference making things. We need the good news!