Caribbean Association In China Partners With Giving Tree

Last year, 2009 for the first time the CAC was involved and sponsored 50 bags of which 34 bags were filled through the kind generosity of the members and friends of the CAC and the remaining 16 from the CAC funds allocated for our Charity Outreach Programs.

This year, the CAC has agreed to sponsor 75 bags and we are asking once again for our members and friends to volunteer and give and sponsor a bag or bags for this worthy cause.

The bags will be available to you after the “Stapling Party” on October 23rd and need to be filled and returned to me no later than November 24, 2010.  For those wishing to fill a bag or bags please contact me directly at [email protected] or 13918679305 and I will coordiate with each of you on how to get the bags and child/children’s information to you.

The amount of money that we are asking to be allocated for purchases to fill each bag this year is 200 RMB.  We are asking for items of clothing, shoes, books, etc. age appropriate and for the winter season as the bags will be distributed during the winter.  

Of the 75 children the CAC will sponsor, all are from the Chang Lin Migrant School, the school that is already included in our charity outreach program and through the efforts of Nicoleen and the CAC, all 720 children at the Chang Lin Migrant School will receive a gift bag from the Giving Tree this year.

Of the 75 children allocated to the CAC, 24 are girls are 51 are boys and their ages range from 6 to 8 years old.

Each bag you sponsor, you will be given the child’s name, age, gender, height, weight and shoe size.

Should you have any questions please contact me directly, if not please let me know how many bags each of you would like to sponsor.