’s Five Years And Counting!

The online educational community has been helping Caribbean students prepare for the CXC CSEC exams for the last 5 years.  A project of doctoral student Kathy-Ann Daniel-Gittens, has been an online home  for CXC CSEC exam candidates on the internet for over 5 years.

Planned in 2004, did not materialize until 2007 when it began collecting resources from the billions of pages on the internet. The website not only collects links to quality online resources, it also develops its own multimedia learning resources for a number of CXC CSEC subjects.

Ms. Daniel-Gittens, the force behind the project has been an Education professional for over 20 years. After completing her Masters in Instructional Technology at Teachers’ College, Columbia University, she set about making CaribExams a reality.  “At one point in time, I taught students in Trinidad, preparing them for the CXC CSEC exams. So when I finished my degree, I knew I wanted to use my skills to make a difference for Caribbean students. And that is what I have done”, Ms. Daniel-Gittens said firmly. “CaribExams is not just about collecting and developing online resources for the CXC CSEC exams, it is also a place to meet and make friends from across the Caribbean.”

Ms. Daniel-Gittens is currently completing her doctoral research in Instructional Technology.  “Since most of my online time is spent in CaribExams and working on CaribExams, it is where my research study is located. My research is looking at ways to make a better place for Caribbean students. I am hoping that students who plan to take the CXC CSEC English exam next year will hop on board and join the research study”.