A Recap Of The first celebration of CariFest In Charleston, South Carolina

On Saturday, August 5, the Gaillard Auditorium came to life with the pulsating rhythm of the Caribbean as Reggae, Soca,and Steelpan music filled the air.
This was a night to celebrate Caribbean style. A local band Gemini 1820 got the
party started with their smooth sounds. This was followed by the Pans of Praise Steel
Band, who came directly from Trinidad and Tobago for the occassion.
The local DJs of caribbean descent then warmed the crowds with the sounds of the
Mighty Sparrow, and followed up with the mixed set of Soca, Calypso, and Reggae. As the
9:30 hour approached the room erupted as the dancers in flamboyant costumes from
Trinidad burst into the room dancing to Soca. This energetic display continued for more
than an hour and half. This was a spectular sight of flaying bodies in bikinis and
feathers, in colours of red, yellow, purple green and blue gyrated around the room.

This was the first celebration of CariFest, a celebration of Caribbean Heritage in
Charleston, South Carolina.