CCA Christmas Around The Islands, December 16, 2011, Tampa, Florida

WHAT: Caribbean Community Association Inc presents Christmas Around The Islands.

WHEN: December 16, 2011, 7:00 pm

WHERE: University Area Community Development Center
14013 N. 22nd St. #Community Room
Tampa, Fl 33613-3624

MORE INFO: Please bring something to the meeting that reminds you of Christmas in your Island… a dish to share, a special holiday drink, stories or anything that brings back memmories of home at Christmas time.

This year, we will be doing a unisex gift exchange in the amount of $10-$15. When you arrive with your “wrapped” gift, you will be given a number to participate.

Please also pick up a gift for a child (12+ yrs). Please do not wrap the children’s gift. Some suggestions are board games, books, gift cards, etc.