CDEMA Embracing Internationally Renowned Satellite Technology

CDEMA’s Coordinating Unit and its 18 Participating States will benefit from the award winning Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Service.

The acquisition of this groundbreaking technology is strategic and supports the Agency’s recognition of the critical role of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) in disaster management. BGAN’s introduction to the CDEMA system ensures that regional capabilities and resilience in this area are significantly strengthened.

Immarsat the firm developing the BGAN service has been awarded UK’s MacRobert’s Engineering Prize, a premier award for innovative technologies. The BGAN service was critical following Haiti’s January 12 earthquake and subsequent response and coordination efforts.

The system provides sound benefits to users enabling the exploitation of satellite technologies to support communication utilizing a global satellite network for both voice and data calls.

Each Participating State will be provided with a Satellite Broadband Terminal (Inmarsat BGAN Platform) – a lightweight portable satellite communication terminal based on the Inmmarsat BGAN Platform and capable of utilsiing broadband, internet, voice and video technology.

This equipment is being funded under the Institutional Support and Capacity Building for Disaster Management in the Caribbean Project a €3 million program financed under the European Development Fund. The project is in its third year of implementation and is aimed at building the capacity of the CDEMA Coordinating Unit and the National Disaster Offices in the Participating States.

Image (Right) Caption: The BGAN satellites feature an innovative unfurling antenna

Source: BBC News