Celebrate World Ocean Day, June 8th, 2014, with the launch of Caribbean Seafan Festival online

Celebrate World Ocean Day, June 8th, 2014, with the launch of Caribbean Seafan Festival online.

On June 8th,  the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) will launch its public awareness campaign “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea”  with the first annual  Caribbean SeaFan Festival Online as part of the celebration of UN World Oceans Day,  and in commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month.  
The festival will include a online broadcast (television and radio) multi-media storytelling through video, film, interviews, roundtable dialogues and cultural performances.  Submit your request to participate as a performer or speaker or film maker or media partner to [email protected] by May 31st.
The Caribbean SeaFan Festival Online is a platform for creative collaboration across the Caribbean Sea Fan community (marine and maritime), and the foundation for possible partnerships for DIY distribution between environmental and social issue filmmakers.  
The event serves as a catalyst for educating the public on the importance of the Caribbean Sea, and an impetus a more environmentally friendly marine literate culture.  As this year’s UN theme, “Together We Have the Power to Protect the Ocean” implies, it will take a collective effort to protect the Caribbean Sea.     
“With this project, ICS fuses education and entertainment making use of emerging technology and how people interact, online and across borders, to expand awareness on a topic that has often had a very linear discussion,” said ICS Founder and President Dr. Claire Nelson. “For most people, the Caribbean Sea is seen as a blue horizon of beauty, a stunning backdrop for beach photos and memorable  moments, and the source of the escoveitched fish and curried conch we crave. While we enjoy and celebrate these uses, we want to increase knowledge about the life of the sea itself, and the life it supports for us –the human family.”
The Festival will bring together diverse voices including environmental activists and agencies as well as research and academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and community groups.  Through film and video, attendees will learn about projects and activities benefitting the Caribbean Sea.  Participants will also share their life experiences and passion for the Caribbean Sea.  Already confirmed to participate are:

Guy Harvey of the Guy Harvey Foundation; Professor Joseph Heyman of the University of Texas;  

Richard Huber with the Organization of American States;  

Clement Lewsey with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;    

Corinne McAfee, Independent Film Maker;

Owen Day, CARIBSAVE;    

Joseph Ierna, Jr., Ocean Crest Alliance;  

Braeton Police Youth Club and the National Environment Protection Agency of Jamaica.