Cen C Love


By now, most of us are familiar with the musical exploits of the Marley children; however, one member of the extended musical Marley family that you might not be familiar with yet, but you should be, is Bunny Wailer’s daughter, Cen C Love. Jamerican based Love’s headquarters are in Hotlanta, Georgia, although she makes frequent trips to Kingston, Jamaica.

High Times magazine had the pleasure of being introduced to Miss Love through her friend, Bonner Cornerstone Music CEO, Fontano Thompson, whom she became acquainted with when she performed at his nephew Richie Spice’s All Spice Festival in the Hills concert event last year.

More recently, during the Bob Marley birthday month of celebrations, the day after her stellar performance in Negril, we sat down with Cen C Love, AKA N’geri Livingston, on a cool night in Kingston. She described her love of fashion design and music. While her cousin, and producer Bunny Wailer’s nephew, is constantly trying to pull her focus off fashion design and deeper into music, fashion design will always be on the back burner for her, when she has the time to make clothes. In the meantime, she is riding high on the success of her debut single, “A Little More Time.” Read more about this cool chick in the June ’08 issue of High Times magazine.