Cherine Scores With “Haffi Come Back” Video

Cherine delivers another stunner with her dazzling new video “Haffi Come Back”.  Both the song and video have been generating serious buzz in the streets and have been added to several local radio and television charts. The much-talked about video was released on Cherine’s newly launched website and has already received over 50,000 views on the Dancehall-Soulstress’ YouTube channel.
The  “Haffi Come Back” video  also aired on several of Jamaica’s most popular local entertainment programs including TVJ’s Entertainment Report, Intense, CVM’s Onstage, D-Wrap , E-Strip Hitlist, HYPE TV’s Up & Live as well as RE TV’s Top Dozens. “Haffi Come Back” video has since been added to the video Charts of E-Strip Hitlist where it is currently #5 this week.   

The fun side of Cherine
“Haffi Come Back” represents the fun-loving side of Cherine.  The video features Cherine in a new light as she brings a fierce, bold, sexy look to dancehall and reggae videos.  Cherine who also directed the video states “I am thrilled that my fans love the video and I got a chance to showcase my versatility as a performer.  I love to keep my #dancehallSOULdiers excited about my projects, they demanded something that they could dance to and they are showing so much love to “Haffi Come Back” .”
According to Cherine’s manager, Patrick Lindsay, “this song is a hit and we have decided to take it directly to the people which is why we released it via the internet.”  
There has also been a lot of talk on blogs and social media pages about her new image and dance moves. People seemed amazed that Cherine can actually dance but the artist stated “it was just a matter of time before my dancing would be featured in one of my videos. I’ve always put a lot of energy and choreography into my live shows and wanted to bring that side of me to my videos and “Haffi Come Back” was just the perfect opportunity.”

“Haffi Come Back” is the first in a series of singles to setup her highly anticipated debut album which will be released in 2013. Cherine will be performing at several parties and shows in Jamaica during December.  She will also be featured on Tarrus Riley’s annual Christmas show  in Emancipation Park on December 20th, and is set to host the elegant and stylish party “Sexy In Black” on December 29th.