Chrisinti – Let The Freedom Reign

Chrisinti, one of the Top Voices to Come Out Of Jamaica.

Born Paul Christopher Hudson in a place called Drewsland (a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of Kingston), Chrisinti had early dreams of becoming a star. Chrisinti as he is now called (a name taken on by himself and given meaning “Selassi I Child”) participated in school fetes and concerts in his community from the early age of 6 and all the way through high school. By graduation he was absolutely sure of his intentions of becoming a singer. He began to travel from studio to studio hoping for recognition from a recognized producer. His first real opportunity came from Richard Bell who produced his first recording entitled “Aware of Drugs” for Star Trail Recording Label. Chrisinti was now on his way to realizing his early days dream. One day while conducting a session at the Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston, a stranger came into the studio. When the session was over he was asked to join this person who turned out to be the president of Kings of Kings Recording Company, Iley Dread. Chrisinti was signed to the company and began to record songs such as “False Hype” a combination with Jah Mason, and “Shine Your Light” another combination with Louie Culture. In 2003, Kings of Kings released his debut album entitled Comfort My People. This album featuring the popular cover “No More Rain” heralded the entrance of an artiste certainly set to make a difference in reggae music. Chrisinti’s highly anticipated sophomore album, entitled …Again (produced by Kenroy “YahBreeze” Archibald for Eight76 Records), hit stores in May 2005. Today, as reggae enjoys a renaissance of young conscious artists and producers like Michael j.Bell of Yahbell Entertainment and Howell Allen aka ‘di owner fi di yard’ from Backyard Entertainment, Chrisinti is definitely a sign of his times.  In 2008 Chrisinti appear as a Special Guest at the Owners’ ‘Showtime For The Stars’ in New York, and since then they maintained a close relationship.  In early 2010 they recorded ‘Let The Freedom Reign’. Heavily influenced by the faith he embraced in 1995, Chrisiniti is uncompromising in saying, “Rastafari is everything to my music, and through this medium I have gained all my inspiration” He is also very appreciative of the important role the music loving supporters have played in his career and looks forward to continued support from his old fans and the new fans to come as he strives for bigger and brighter success. This cultural music messenger is poised to take music to the four corners of the world and uplift the minds and hearts of many.