Christmas will soon start in January…Culture Infuence

Is it me or did the “Christmas store decorations start really early this year. I think I started seeing the decoration in September and now that Halloween is done it is “full blown Christmas”.  Every store I go in there is Christmas stuff and the sales inserts are pushing Christmas items.  I am going to make a bold prediction that at the rate we are going the “commercial” Christmas will start in January something in the near future.

This weekend the pastor at church was preaching how the media and culture define our behaviour. It really does. We are bombarded with the images they control or advertise. It clearly can affect our behaviour. It is ironic that this topic was preached on Sunday as the previous week I met a gentleman who say he does not watch any news and limits himself to 1 hour of TV a week. I am news “junkie” so I am not  sure if I could do this. However after this sermon and the push for me to start Christmas shopping now, I am giving it some serious thought.