Chronixx & The Zinc Fence Band at SOB’s Tuesday September 17th!

I had the pleasure of seeing Chronixx recently at Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. (More on that whole amazing experience later!) He is definitely one of my new favorite artists in the crop of reggae revivalists, along with Iba Mahr, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, etc.

The long awaited live NYC debut of rising reggae stars, Chronixx & The Zinc Fence Band, will finally take place for the first time ever at SOB’s, on Tuesday, September 17th!

Growing up under the influence of the likes of Burro Banton, Borris Man, the legendary Gregory Issacs, and, his mentor, Danny Browne, it’s no wonder Chronixx is the rising force in the world of modern Reggae he is today. The young prodigy wrote his first song ‘Rice Grain’ at the age of five and started producing for artists such as Konshens and Munga Honorable and voicing artists at the age of 14. The synergy he found with Romaine ‘Teflon’ Arnett of ZincFence Recordz has given birth to a Reggae singer armed with strong lyrics, accompanying a unique musical sound.

Joining Chronixx for the night will be young reggae songstress, Kelissa! Kelissa’s soulful, rootsy and world beat music provides a reservoir of her life experiences and is driven by her passion to uplift and inspire others. Raised in the inspirational hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica, Kelissa developed a natural inclination for music, largely influenced by a Rastafari upbringing. With her parents as lead vocalists in the original reggae band ‘Chakula,’ creation and appreciation of music were constant features in her home.

In 2006, Kelissa took her music to Africa where she broadened her musical scope during extended periods in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana. During this time, she continued expanding her musical abilities by teaching herself the guitar and collaborating with several musicians and producers.

Kelissa also spent extended periods of time studying music in California, where she was an avid member of the ‘world percussion’ and ‘Brazilian’ ensembles, participated in the college choir and gained exposure on music production and studio recording. Since returning to Jamaica, Kelissa has gained significant footing in the Reggae industry. She teamed up with ‘Zinc Fence Records’ to produce her first EP ‘Rebel In Disguise,’ which was first released during her tour to 6 African countries in August, 2012.

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