Chyna Whyne Struts Her Stuff

From her South London roots of Jamaican parents has emerged a one-woman sensation: Chyna Whyne. Celebrated singer-songwriter, striking model, inspirational and internationally acclaimed high-heel guru, she is the epitome of powerful, modern femininity.

Snatched up early in her life by none other than Peter Gabriel on account of her vocal talents, Chyna has toured and recorded with music’s biggest groundbreakers such as Pete Townsend, Seal, Eric Clapton and producers Stock Aitken and Waterman amongst others. Although the woman behind Dianna Carroll’s chart-topping hit Don’t be a Stranger, Chyna’s own album Sexy Baal- ed, a fusion of Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop featuring Elephant Man, was a remarkable underground hit.

Due to the prolonged wearing of glamour high heels during her music career, Chyna suffered a debilitating back injury, inspiring her in 1999 to study the Alexander Technique. Vocals and beauty aside, it is her contribution to this field which marks her most dynamic performance. Refusing to give up her ‘tall’ shoe addiction, Chyna created the renowned phenomenon Mastering the Art of Walking in High Heels: the first ever technique of its kind, teaching correct posture and balance to today’s Jimmy Choo generation. In her book, Walking in Stilettos, inspired by her diverse rock and roll background, Chyna injects a refreshing electricity into classical Alexander Technique.

Since then, Chyna has been championing the cause of helping women wear and feel comfortable wearing their high heels for prolong periods without the side effects of lower back pain and other related health or lifestyle issues. She runs seminars, workshops, one-on-one classes and does speaking engagements to women and men teaching the Alexander Technique. Chyna runs these sessions from the Red bones blues cafe pavilion and so far is bringing relief to many Jamaican women with this simple yet very effective technique of correcting posture and gaining more comfort and confidence to wearing her stilettos.