Close Circuit Television (CCTV) to fight Crime in May Pen

Last week the government announced it would install Close Circuit Television (CCTV) to fight crime in May Pen. I beleive there are already CCTV in Kingston. While I think this is a good step and I hoping that the authories do not think it is a major tool to reduce crime. It should be viewed as one of the many tools in the “box”. Four years ago CCTV’s were installed in Kingston. It does not seem to me that crime dropped drastically. In fact these CCTV’s  became the target of vandalism. I recall there was discussion on computer “tool” used in New York called Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). They system would look at crime patterns and help the police to allocate resources to the area that it beleives could be the next “flare up” zone.  I think it was tested in Montego Bay a few years ago with some success. I have not heard anything about this tool in a while.