CMEx Supports Jamaican School

Following community outreach efforts to two Kingston schools last year, the Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) is extending a helping hand to the children of Port Antonio in Jamaica. 

The US-based nonprofit organization, which covered the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s 2011 Caribbean Marketplace tourism convention last week, traveled to the northeast of the island and made a presentation of educational supplies to the Good Hope School in the parish of Portland. 

CMEx President, Bevan Springer, explained that while CMEx was known throughout the Caribbean for mounting educational symposia on sustainable tourism, the organization “was also squarely focused on making financial and in-kind contributions to needy communities, including those in the Caribbean.” 

“Our vision for CMEx is to provide hope to the underprivileged – to inspire our young people to be leaders who in turn can inspire and uplift their communities,” said Springer. 

Last October, participants to the 19th CMEx meeting in Kingston, contributed educational supplies to two community service projects – the Maxfield Park Children’s Home and the Kintyre Basic School in the Jamaican capital. 

Community volunteer Dr. Paul Rhodes of the Great Huts eco-resort in Port Antonio accepted the educational supplies on behalf of the Good Hope School. 

“This contribution will go a long way to lifting the spirits of students and teachers alike,” said Dr. Rhodes, a medical doctor who also runs a shelter for the homeless in the community.