Come on Tiger! Be the Man.

Remember how they used to shout, “You the man!” when you blasted those mammoth drives, Tiger?

Remember the drills your dad made you go through, when he would cough or shuffle or whatever on your back swing? He knew what it takes, Tiger. What it takes to be the man, not only in golf but in life.

Look, I know this is a rough time. Your dad’s long gone. So is your marriage. Your sore back is taking so long to heal.  Your love life is in the dumpster.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself at times like this, Tiger.  But that’s even more reason to be the man.

There are golfers out there – professional golfers – who are in worse shape than you.

Remember Erik Compton (photo at right)? He was working on his third heart while competing on the tour. I haven’t heard about him being picked up by the cops for DUI (yes, yes, it wasn’t alcohol, it was the pills your doctor prescribed but still…)

Life is tough, Tiger. Even for incredibly talented people like you (especially for incredibly talented people like you?) Body blows are as certain to come our way as death and taxes. But it’s only “a vale of tears” if we give in to it.

You’re not the only golfer with  a bad back, Tiger. We old codgers know what it’s like to play through pain. I’m 83 years old, and severely arthritic. But I’m out on the course twice a week. Pain or no pain.

Pain is part of life, Tiger. Adversity is part of life. Distractions are part of life.

So are triumph and disaster And, as Kipling observed, they’re both “impostors” to be “treated both the same.”

That’s what your dad was trying to drill into you. Remember?

So come on Tiger. Stare down the pain. Dump the pills. You’re better than that.

You can fix that back – even if the doctors can’t. You can be king of the hill again. You know you can. Give it one more shot.

After all, you the man!

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