Comey’s Bombshell is a Dud



To anyone with a grain of sense, Hillary’s latest email “scandal” is absurd. This wretched Republican ploy to save Trump at the last minute is so obvious that I doubt any voters but  diehard Trump supporters will pay attention to it.

james-comeyDuring my newspaper days, I was always met with silence from law enforcement officers when I grilled them about “an ongoing investigation.” And I understood that solving a crime was more important than writing about it.

So isn’t this “an ongoing investigation”? So why is James Comey (above, right) running his mouth about it a few days before the election?

And what an “investigation”!

Huma Abedin (above with Hillary) borrowed Anthony Weiner’s laptop. And the FBI found her emails on it while investigating alleged inappropriate contact between Weiner (below, right) and a teenaged girl.

anthony-weinerBig deal. It’s not against the law to borrow your husband’s computer, is it? And it’s not against the law to send and receive work-related emails on it?

What else could the FBI be investigating? According to an AP report:

From previous reporting, it is known that the emails have nothing to do with Clinton, her campaign, the Clinton Foundation, the Russian hacks, the State Department, and any emails she sent or received.

Comey has already gone through thousands of emails from Hillary’s server, and found no cause for criminal charges of any kind. Comey explained in announcing the result of the investigation that,  although Hillary had used her computer to handle a few documents considered “classified,” there was no intent to harm the country.

So does he think Huma’s emails will show that Hillary was deliberately trying to hurt America?

If you believe that, you must also believe that Michelle Obama is a man and her two daughters were adopted from Morocco. And that Barack was born in Kenya. And all the other lurid fantasies concocted by the right-wing media.

The person who is likely to hurt America is the Republican nominee. He is in Putin’s pocket, for one thing. And he’s a loose cannon for another.

It doesn’t even take a grain of sense to see that.

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