COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU – The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) goes on the road in 2004

The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) goes on the road in 2004 with the assistance of the Foreign Service Offices throughout North America, and with the cooperation of Jamaican Associations and related Organizations. Not only have the Jamaican Passports been revamped with technological upgrades this past year, modernization and security measures have now been incorporated into the standards of the RGD with respect to Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Adoption and Marriage Certificates as well as other forms of Documents.

If the time has come to update your documents, or apply for new ones, it’s as easy as visiting the RGD website at Now you can read about the changes, as well as ‘speaking’ to a representative on-line, have your individual questions answered, and learn how to do you own record searches. Download and print your own copy of the Application Form, attach the required fee, and your new Certificate can then be processed.

Why these changes, and why now you might ask. Ms. Sydian Brissett of the RGD commented, “The older certificates are still valid and legal. But some organizations have started requesting the new certificates when you are doing business with them because of the added security features.

A list of North American cities and venues has been included in the Events Calendar for Jamaican Nationals to meet representatives of the RGD and learn about all the changes with this new process. The RGD’s team will provide a Powerpoint presentation as well as conduct active on-line searches to better illustrate the ease of searching and applying for a variety of information or valid documents.

Searching for family members, genealogical research? Looking for a much needed proof of sale? Compiling statistical data? All this information is available with a few keystrokes. Living abroad? What documents or information do you or your children require with respect to dual citizenship, passports, wills etc.?

To learn how these advancements affect yourself or your family members, visit the RGD’s website, visit one of their offices, or come out and meet them during their North American tour.

Head Office:
Twickenham Park
St. Catherine
Tel: (876) 984-3041-5,
FAX (876)749-6457
email [email protected]

2004 United States Tour includes:

Florida (starting from July 12) – Atlanta – Washington, DC – Connecticut – New York; and in Canada includes Toronto – Montreal (ends July 24th).