Community Appeal: Mission Trip – Mustard Seed, Kingston Jamaica, June 7th – June 14th, 2008

Mission Trip – Mustard Seed, Kingston Jamaica – Raising Prayers and Financial Support

Dear Friend,

* Have you ever felt God calling you to pray for needy children around the world?
* Have you ever watched a TV commercial showing children who are hungry and wanted to call and give some money, but wondered if your donation would actually reach them?
* Have you ever felt called to go overseas to serve these children, but never had the time or opportunity?
* Have you ever felt incredibly blessed by God and wanted to share some of your gifts with other less fortunate than yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I have some exciting news to share with you!

This summer youth groups and other missionaries from around Atlanta and the rest of the country and I are getting together to help a VERY worthwhile organization called Mustard Seed Community. You may wonder why we chose Mustard Seed Communities. If you check out the website you can see the amaizing things that they are doing to make a difference in the world – We will be spending 1 week with the founder Father Gregory Ramkissoon and the children of MSC in Kingston, Jamaica! This community reaches outto children who have been orphaned and abandoned that are physically challenges with severe disabilities and left on the streets to suffer alone.Father Gregory takes them in and lovingly raises and supports them while teaching them new trades and providing a strong spiritual foundation for them to florish in a family like atmosphere. Since its inception almost 30 years ago, MSC now cares for thousands of children around the world. MSC takes thes most vulnerable children of the world in Jamaica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Zambabwe and gives them a place call home.

We will be leaving on June 7th and returning on June 14th. The purpose of our trip is to bring together teens from our church and to see first hand all the exciting work that MSC is doing for their community and the community at large. As we prepare our hearts for this journey, we are a little anxious and very EXCITED!. We know as with any life-changing trip like this, we cannot do it alone and the prayers of our frineds and family are essencial but with your support, this mission trip can become a reality. We need your help. Will you join us as we reach out to those less fortunate? We are each recruiting 25 prayer partner to pray with us both now and during the trip.

In order to do God’s work, we first and foremost need your prayers! Without these prayers from our friends and family, this trip willnot be possible. Secondly, we need your finalcial support to raise funds to cover the cost of supplies and expenses needed to help Frather Gregory and Mustard Seed Communities serve their children. MSC took a hard blow from hurricanes this past summer. We are hoping to raise additional funds to help with their hurricane relief projects. WHile we are there, we will be helping with the ongoing clean up and repair from these devasting hurricanes. We will be packing needed supplies and taking them with us. A complete wish list of needed items can be found at

Your support – prayerful or financial -is a life changing investment – for both the children at Mustard Seed Communities and for our team.