Countdown to March 15 Income Tax filing deadline

With two months remaining to the March 15 income tax filing deadline, Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reminding all companies, organisations, self-employed persons, including professionals and entertainers, as well as employed persons with additional sources of income that preparations should be underway for them to file their Final Income Tax Return for 2012 and a Declaration of Estimated Income and Tax Payable for 2013, on or before March 15.

Persons are advised that, for their convenience, it is recommended that they use the Jamaica Tax Portal at to file their income tax returns and make their payments.

The online filing option allows persons to file at any time, from anywhere and to use a credit card or direct banking to make the payment, instead of standing in line at a tax office. Persons are therefore encouraged to register to use the online filing option  by  contacting  TAJ’s  Customer Care Centre at 1-888-TAX-HELP (829-4357) or visiting a Tax Office to sign-up.
For taxpayers opting to file manually through a tax office, they are reminded that ALL Income Tax Return forms and schedules may be downloaded from the tax administration’s website at or picked up at any of the 29 Tax Offices Island wide. Care should however be taken to ensure that the correct forms are used. As a quick reference, it should be noted that:

  • Form IT01 is to be used by self-employed persons, partners, and employed persons with other sources of income.
  • Form IT02 is to be used by Companies and other corporate bodies.
  • Form IT03 is to be used by Partnerships and other unincorporated bodies such as Trusts and Estates.
  • Form IT04 is to be used by Life Assurance Companies.
  • Form IT05 is to be used by pensioners, employed persons, etc claiming a refund.
  • Form IT07 is to be used by all categories of persons, except those using an IT05, who must also file a Declaration of Estimated Income and Tax Payable for the year 2013.

It is important that these forms are correctly completed and submitted to any Tax Office and cheques made payable to Tax Administration Jamaica or the Collector of Taxes by March 15. It is also advisable to file early to avoid the usual last minute rush.

For additional information, persons may contact the Tax Administration Customer Care Centre at 1-888-TAX-HELP (829-4357) or visit the website