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COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment Held in the Parish of St. Elizabeth2

COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment Held in the Parish of St. Elizabeth

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COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment Held in the Parish of St. Elizabeth1

Members of the Saint Elizabeth Health Department (SEHD) pose for a picture prior to conducting their COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment for business operators in the major towns in the parish on Tuesday, November 10. The exercise was used as a means of ensuring business operators were in strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols going into the usually busy Christmas season.  

The blitz assessment helped members of the SEHD determine the level of compliance with COVID-19 protocols in the parish, to provide further COVID-19 protocol education for business owners, to identify towns in the parish which may need special intervention, and to conduct revisits and follow-up on non-compliant establishments.

COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment Held in the Parish of St. Elizabeth2

Pictured above is Parish Manager for the St. Elizabeth Health Services, Sean Brissett (left), along with fellow members of the SEHD taking notes while conducting the COVID-19 Protocol Blitz Assessment.

Mr Brissett said the blitz gave the department an idea of happenings in the parish relating to COVID-19, and showed the department that businesses needed constant reminders to adhere to protocols. The Parish Manger stressed the importance for business establishments to follow protocols consistently in order to have a positive effect on the COVID-19 numbers, while also urging community members to play their part in limiting the spread of the virus.

Some of the parameters assessed included whether businesses had mandatory hand washing/hand sanitization available at the entrance of the building, whether mask wearing for workers and customers was mandatory, if adequate signs or posters were in place indicating COVID-19 protocols, the businesses ability to undertake mandatory temperature checks and whether entities were overcrowded with staff and customers. 

Of the 8 towns visited in the parish, Junction and Maggoty showed the highest level of compliance with 74 percent, while Treasure Beach showed the lowest level with 38 percent. Santa Cruz had a compliance percentage of 50 with 225 of the 448 locations visited obeying protocols; South Field had number of 68, Balaclava 51, New Market 60 and Black River 55. The overall compliance level in the parish is 56 percent.

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