Crazies Aim to Shut Down US Government

Here we go again. Crazies in Congress are threatening to shut down the federal government unless funding for Obamacare is blocked. They’ve threatened a government shutdown before, of course, and it didn’t happen. And the one time I can remember them actually shutting down the government, back when Newt Gingrich was House speaker, the backlash cost them dearly in the next election.

You would think the Republicans have learned their lesson. American voters don’t approve of a political party playing games with their government’s ability to function and pay its debts. The last bout of brinkmanship cost America dearly. The nation’s credit rating was downgraded and borrowing the funds needed to operate the country became a lot more expensive.

But the crazies don’t care. They know their own seats are safe. They come from the backwoods and boondocks where the Tea Party reigns supreme. And they were sent to Washington to cause as much trouble as possible, not to help run the country.

That’s one reason for the gridlock in Congress.

In the Senate, demagogues like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are using the Tea Party to promote their personal ambitions, regardless of the damage they are doing to their country.

And in the House, Republican leaders have lost control of the rank and file. The Tea Party Caucus pays no attention to Speaker John Boehner. They have their own agenda, and it’s to sabotage the federal government.

Why? I don’t really know, and I doubt they know, either. All I know is that they hate President Obama. Really, really hate him.

Why? Well, he’s black, for one thing, and how dare a black man become president of the United States? Is that “uppity” or what?

But surely that can’t be the only reason for such virulent hatred?

Maybe it’s because he tries to help the poor and downtrodden? Because he is reluctant to drop bombs on children in foreign lands? Because he wants to create jobs for the unemployed, while fixing the country’s dilapidated roads and bridges? Because he wants all Americans to have access to affordable health care?

I suppose that’s pretty “uppity,” too. As far as the yahoos in the Tea Party are concerned, anyway.

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