Cross Blogging: This is Why I Speak. Why I Fight!!!!

a man rapes a woman
a man rapes a woman while out on bail for other assault charges
a man rapes a woman while out on bail for 110 other charges against him, 40 of those charges are rape related
and, without telling the woman, after going through the trial and supposedly sentencing the man, the Jamaican justice system acquits him.
A man with 40 counts of rape related charges who was charged with rape, is acquitted.
why? very likely because the woman is gay or bisexual and as far as some Jamaicans are concerned, she deserved it.

I ask you this, do you feel safe? what will be used to make the rape of yourself, your sister, your mother, or your daughter her own fault.

what she was wearing?
the time of day?
her failure to go to church?
the time of day?
the company she keeps?
working a night job because nothing else was available?

what will the criminal justice system use to justify letting a man off for invading a woman’s body

the idea seems to be women need to be brought in line and raping them is how you do it.

never ever think your ‘straightness’ in any sense, makes you better off or safer than anybody else.

this is about women, and none of us are safe.

big ups to Angeline for being brave enough to share and Damien for giving her the space.

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